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Masajid Under Construction
Assalamu Alaykum Donors of Masajid Under Construction,
You can donate through the Majlis to all Masajid under construction and the Majlis will distribute your donations based on our own criteria. Click here to donate for Masajid building and please specify in a comment that you are donating to this cause and or to a specific project. Otherwise, your donation will be allocated to any of our programs and expenses.

You can also click on each Masjid s link to donate directly to its administration through their provided links or websites.

Finally, you always can send us your Masjid that is under construction to be added to this list or forward any Masjid builders to us to add theirs to this page that is dedicated to supporting Masajid under construction.

List of Masajid under construction in New York:

Brooklyn Borough

Bronx Borough

Long Island

Msjid Allahu Akbar:  This Masjid is going to be the first Mosque built from the ground up by indigenous Muslims in Long Island, New York.  www.masjidallahuakbar.org

Manhattan Borough

Queens Borough

Staten Island Borough


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